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Logo Design

Coming up with a logo was almost as difficult as choosing a name. Unfortunately, a big blue eyed dog didn't look at me and give me inspiration. Nope. I was scrambling. I had some ideas but didn't know how to make them "come to life". I didn't want a design or image that was trendy and popular today, rather I wanted my logo to be classic with a pinch of fun. I consider myself pretty computer savvy but when I started my own process of designing a logo, looked like my 5 year old made it. I reached out to a coworker, Carson, after having learned that she was a graphic designer. With little direction, she came up with several options and knocked it out of the park. I have since seen some amazing, over the top invitations she created and wow - this girl is talented. Check out her awesome work @clw_designs

#girlboss #clw_designs #logodesign #graphicdesigner

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